Fzr1000 87-88 emulsion tube help please!

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Fzr1000 87-88 emulsion tube help please!

Postby Nathan » Wed Aug 02, 2017 1:44 pm

:nopic I am trying to find brand new emulsion tubes aka needle jets aka main nozzle for a fzr1000 87-88 they are discontinued by Yamaha..the part Oem#1ae1414190-00. They are on a mikuni 4× 47 mm bdst carbs.
The size/model for those is y-o 483 i emailed about 30 possible sources and no one has them! Not even "Factory Pro" in the u.s sells them..they do sell exup( 89 a&up) emulsion tubes ,but nothing for 87-88Genesis :-( ,im trying contacting one last supllier in England " Allen Performance ",waiting for a reply from them . But if they don't have them im giving up :-( please help! Any body knows where to get them ? or may be how to twick different tubes ( Exup tubes?)to work with my beloved Genesis? Thanks Nathan. Btw: i will update if found a source.

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