Pods can run great! And just wanted to say thanks!

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Pods can run great! And just wanted to say thanks!

Postby Asudef » Tue Oct 18, 2016 10:19 pm

Contrary to what's been said, pods can run great, take it from this noob wrench!

I bought an '89 FZR400 in CA and the PO had swapped in the 600 motor with pods and pipes.
It ran OK at first but was lean and overheated. Put in a Factory Pro carb kit and it went very rich, ran like a dog and was even slower.

Yesterday I went from #3 to #2 on the needle to lean it out and rode it around the block and holy hell its fast now. Like a bat outta hell, all through the rev range, the front end lightened up like it was trying to buck me off.
I'm a noob wrench and new rider so it was a huge revelation to me. So glad I didn't have this power my first time riding in the rain.

Only minor issue is a slight hanging RPM at idle which I'll try sorting tomorrow but just wanted to say thanks to everyone here for all the info and help. I learned a ton during the process and will update with pics as planned. It needs a good wash to be photo worthy.

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