BBCodes for Tables wanted?

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BBCodes for Tables wanted?

Postby TomcatMJ » Thu Aug 06, 2015 12:59 pm

I know this might be an issue where perhaps a plugin seems it would be easier to do the job, but if there is interest in having HTML-oriented BBCodes for Tables which have to be inserted only inside the Database and not as a plugin (so less Problems at future updates to keep these Codes running) just give me a PN...

I've done such BBCode-Creation for WoltlabBulletinBoard (the german FZR-Forum) and for phpBB at several places in the Net (mainly some german Linux-Boards ;) ) and have a testing-place where possible results are vieable in advance:

If interested just tell me, it's not so hard as it sound, there are only some additional entries inside the bbcode-editor nedded to get this to work and i could give a "step-by-step installationhelp" and translations (certainly to english from my german selfwritten "Usagemanuals") in a little "Users manual for handling these codes" for getting this here also if wanted, either with variable attributes for the table or a preset wich might be easier to handle the first times of using it inside the Postingeditor..;)

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