Jet kits ?

In the states, this was the upgrade to the FZR600. In other places, this is called an FZR. Either way, many of the components of the US YZF600r fit onto the US FZR600.

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Jet kits ?

Postby fafou » Sat May 31, 2014 12:19 pm


I can't find any information to tune the carburetors. I found informations for YZF thundercat, FZR 600, but nothing for my 4JH YZF600R with 34mm Keihin CVK.
Also it seems that there is no dynojet jet kits for this bike. The 4142 kit presented as suitable for this bike has for bigger main jet a DJ108 (equals a Keihin 112 witch is smaller than stock).
I have a Delkevic slip on and a K&N filter and, seeing the sparks plugs, it's quite lean.

The stock jets are :
main : 118
pilot : 35
needle : N1YA
pilot screw : 2 turns

Someone has an exemple of configuration that might work on my bike ?
I could rise the needles and try differents main jets but I don't want to buy a dozen of them ...
94' YZF600R (FZR600R here in France)

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