Reserve light help!

In the states, this was the upgrade to the FZR600. In other places, this is called an FZR. Either way, many of the components of the US YZF600r fit onto the US FZR600.

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Re: Reserve light help!

Postby thatkid » Mon Jun 28, 2010 4:15 pm

Ok just wired mine up today, using a LED and 420 Ohm resistor.

I used a ring connector to the temp gauge positive (Brown wire/Signal Fuse) for the LED positive, ran the LED negative to the low fuel sender Green wire, Tapped into the fuel pump ground for the sender ground.

Tank empty = LED illuminated.
Tank Full = LED illuminated.

The LED would not extinguish :headscratch:

I done some research.
If you use a normal Bulb all will be fine. With a LED you need a resistor fitted between the LED positive and the LED negative. I got mine to work with a 150 ohm resistor. Therefore the Low Fuel Sender requires 12V to operate correctly.

So the YZF ECU Low fuel warning positive output should be 12V. I got mine to work with a 150 ohm resistor.

Here's some pics of mine

Tank Empty
Tank Full
The 150 Ohm resistor

Hope that helps you out.


Re: Reserve light help!

Postby thatkid » Tue Jun 29, 2010 5:58 pm

Quick update.

Today I drained the tank just to make sure the warning lamp worked.
It did not illuminate with an empty tank :headscratch:

I rechecked the LED and wiring, The voltage to the sender was 11.5V.
By chance I left the ignition on, low and behold 15-20 seconds later the warning LED slowly illuminated :banana:

So the sender takes 15-20 seconds after the ignition is switched on to work with a LED wired as I have.

I also left the ignition on for 30 mins tank empty and then full, the 150 Ohm resistor did not get warm in the slightest.


Re: Reserve light help!

Postby thatkid » Mon Jul 19, 2010 6:01 pm

Another update. I forgot to enable my immobiliser on Saturday so the ignition was left on over night, and flattened the battery banghead I fully charged the battery and refitted it. The warning LED was slightly glowing :headscratch: I replaced the 150 Ohm resistor with a 4 Watt 120 Ohm resistor, voltage to the sender was 12.3 volts. That solved the problem.

So ensure you have a fully charged battery, before you wire up a warning LED.

Anyone with a YZF tank fitted on your FZR600, if you want to enable the circuit test for the low fuel warning lamp (when the start button is pressed same as the oil light). The main relay has 11 pins, the connector only has 10 wires connected. Splice into the wire you connected to the low fuel sender positive (Green wire), then connect the newly spliced wire to the spare pin on the main relay.

The female spade terminal you need is this 2.8mm female spade

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