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Going modern-ish......'99 R6 :)

Posted: Wed Oct 11, 2017 3:39 pm
by britx303
Finally decided to commit to racing a modern-ish bike for next year. Picked up a '99 R6 that was already a track/race bike,and its got a penske shock,traxxion dynamics worked forks,full M4 exhaust, fully safety wired........and havent figured out what else.Needs a little cleanup and general going over like valve check,new plugs etc........I did want a '03+ R6 for FI,but at 200 was hard to pass up. Any of you other FZR racers go from a racing either a 400 or FZR600 to an R6? Anything specific to really look for on this model as a heads-up? :cheers: