My new Liquid Silver 03 R6

This is the upgrade from the YZF600r.

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Re: My new Liquid Silver 03 R6

Postby PIMPMYFZR » Tue Sep 01, 2009 9:20 pm

mszilves wrote:
tommyj27 wrote:Congrats on the purchase. That's a really sharp looking bike, especially compared to some of the fugly-looking late model R6. I got a lot of saddle time on my Bro's '05 in July (yours is in way better shape). Compared to to my 600rr it seemed more comfortable, but seemed to want to over-steer at low speed. Both were partly due to him having lowered the bike. One thing I did notice was that the transmission still seems clunky; more like my fizz than the Honduh. I was really surprised how comfortable the bike was over distance. We went from NC to MN in 2 days, switching between bike and car every fuel stop. I would have been squirming all over my bike trying to rest my arse, but his was great.

I actually noticed similar characteristics on mine. It was definitely more comfortable than I had expected, especially over a couple 500km days. The riding position is different than the FZR certainly, but I actually find it more comfortable. Since the rearsets are higher, and the bars lower but closer to you, it took a bit getting used to, but overall I find it a more natural position than the FZR. You're right about the gearbox, pretty "clunky", relatively speaking, especially from 1st to 2nd, I was expecting it to be much smoother, but such is a Yamaha I guess. I was hoping they would've fixed that. And also the next gens got a slipper clutch which would be nice too... I wonder if that can be retrofitted? I also find it wants to oversteer a little at low speed, I think partly due to the 60 series front versus the 70 on the '05 and up. Once my front tire wears out, I'll put a 70 on it. Not sure exactly the benefits of the 70, but most people say to go with it. Did your brother's bike have the USD forks? I heard they changed over to those sometime in the '05 production year. That would be nice, but in the condition I got this bike in, I'm not going to be greedy. And besides, performance wise, I doubt anyone less than a moto-gp rider would be hard pressed to tell a difference in handling.

Sadly, the R6 forums are pretty much useless. Seems like a bunch of kids arguing over which color bike is better or faster. There is some info on there, but it's sparse and hard to find. I'm not leaving this forum anytime soon. :-)

I'm finalizing the payout with my insurance company, and will be buying the FZR back to fix her back up again. She will live on! Maybe even better than before! As advanced as the R6 is, I miss the FZR in a lot of ways. Mostly because the R6 feels so light and wants to lean so much, I'm always afraid it's gonna slip out... but I'm sure as time goes on, it's just a matter of getting used to a new bike.

as every day goes by you will get use to it more and more like anything else really .. I went from the Fzr to R1 and man was it a total differnce .. every thing about it was differnt man . Even when i thought i was starting to tame the beast it just unleashed a can of whoopass on me tellin me settle down ..
Your bike is clean as a whistle .. Nothing like a clean bike ...
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