I will buy another bike HELP!!!

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I will buy another bike HELP!!!

Postby akronos » Thu Apr 26, 2012 4:11 am

Hello all! I have a Fzr 1000 from 1987 and Fzr 600 from 1990 Mint. See my other Post.
I find two bike very nice :

1) Kawasaki Gpx 600 1989

2)Honda Cbr 600 Hurricane 1988

See pics :



I need help...any info for that bike???

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Re: I will buy another bike HELP!!!

Postby reelrazor » Thu Apr 26, 2012 8:42 am

Yeesh. Those take me back to my squidly days.

Either would be good.

I had some track time on the Kawasaki. It is stock with 16" wheels front and back. It was common to go up to 18" with Performance Machine wheels. !6" rubber(tires) is pretty tough to come by in any variety besides cruiser tire. Good power in the fairly normal Kawasaki grunty style.

I think the Honda was a bit more advanced, though to me, they were a bit bland. (had no quirks, powerband was like an electric motor). They were deceptively fast.

Either could be beat by a well tuned RZ/RD350LC. (I know this first hand as I did it).

Though, I must say one of my best street rides ever was a cat and mouse chase down the tight side of Palomar Mountain with a good rider on a built (cams, carbs, pipe) Honda Hurricane about three months after they came out. I was on a fairly late evolution of my ex-track RZ350 (ported, piped, big carbed{Lectron 34's} big bore, long rodded stroker-427cc) We were both pushing very hard and running very close together at times..

We got to the big roadside rock at the bottom, exhausted and sweaty.

I lit a cigarette off my front brake rotor!


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