Bad Jacket Frank Thomas

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Bad Jacket Frank Thomas

Postby JasonRDfan » Fri Jul 13, 2012 9:56 am

so I have always used leathers, I am a firefighter so heat never bothered me in the summer. More and More of my friends where starting to wear textile jackets, so it got me interested. I went to my local cycle gear (very nice people) and bought my first textile. I wanted something not too expensive for my test. I bought a frank thomas xti jacket. waterproof with body armor, zip in liner and a couple of vents. Not too bad looking I thought. It was last winter when i got it, kept me pretty warm wearing layers under it. I was at a meeting and it started to rain I was feeling lucky to have my new warm jacket to keep me dry for the ride home. yep, you probably guessed it I got absolutely soaked. I don't think it even slowed the rain down. Next few days the weather started getting warmer so i unzipped the liner, it tore in two places where it buttons in around cuffs of the wrists. Needless to say since then it has not held up so well. A few more rips, seams starting to come undone, zippers always getting stuck on me. and just the wear at the joints. I am not very pleased. I will be buying a new textile jacket for my birthday (beginning of September) A Joe Rocket limited edition fall out. I am pretty excited, very different looking, It fits my personality. (Long hair, Handlebar mustache) I like Joe Rocket products, they are owned by HJC. good for the money. sure there is better, (more expensive). but they suit me just fine, and fit awesome on me at least. so I will do a full review then. later on my FZR brothers and sisters.
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Re: Bad Jacket Frank Thomas

Postby Mike D » Fri Jul 13, 2012 10:14 am

Hi There Jason! sorry to hear about the bad wear of your jacket - back here in South Africa, to me in any case, the brand is unknown, but will remember the name. Hope your new edition lives up to it's reputation. I recently bought a textile jacket by Spirit, also has it's detachable inner linnings x 2, with body armor - have had some rainy rides lately and the jacket has been waterproof so far, touch wood! Keep us posted on the new jacket and a pic would be great!

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Re: Bad Jacket Frank Thomas

Postby ragedigital » Fri Jul 13, 2012 8:47 pm

Frank Thomas is really poor quality riding wear. I have yet to hear a good thing about their stuff.

On the other hand, Joe Rocket has some decent stuff. It is inexpensive, but made well. I wore a JR 2 piece leather suit to Track Days and it was heavy. The leather was very thick and the pucks stayed in place. Never had to crash with it, but I wouldn't be concerned with those leathers. Now, JR boots are another story...

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Re: Bad Jacket Frank Thomas

Postby _Will_ » Fri Jul 13, 2012 9:05 pm

I think Frank Thomas may have been the in house brand for cycle gear that's being replaced by bilt and another one that's a little nicer. I've known three people with bilt helmets and one of them fell apart on the first day of riding. A 33.3% fail rate is too high for any product, let alone a safety item. Cycle gear let him return it to their credit, they're good about that at least.

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