Cold Start Problems

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Cold Start Problems

Postby Dero908 » Thu Mar 26, 2015 9:55 am

Well i now that my 750 is back from that awful shop, it will not start when it is cold. I will have to let the bike crank over and try to play with the throttle until the battery is no longer able to crank it over. I then connect it up to the batt charger, let it charge up, then repete this process until the bike finally starts. Once started a ton of white smoke (im guessing unburnt fuel) will pour out the exhaust until the bike is warm. Once the bike is warm it seems to run pretty good. While at the shop if was supposed to have a stage 1 jet kit installed and all that gos along with it (cleaning, sync, ect). Also something with the choke for all 4 carbs was replaced at $50 a piece before any labor.

Am i wrong to assume that the bike should start in any reasonable temp? its currently in 30s to 40s here in NJ during the mornings and about 40-50s in the afternoons. This issue happens every time i go to start the bike. if i dont follow this process the bike does not start.

If anyone has any ideas or tips they could suggest that would remedy this issue that would be really appreciated.

1993 FZR600
1996 YZF750R

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