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YZF600 to FZR TCI Adaptor Harness

Posted: Sat Jan 12, 2013 2:47 am
by DonTZ125
Hi, folks.

This notion of having to buy (and swap out!) the entire harness when you wanted to transplant a YZF engine into your FZR has always struck me as silly. I understood the reason and the reasoning, but I figured there HAD to be an easier way ...

After much searching, looking at pictures, catalogues, and diagrams, and much whining at my connector guy, I've identified the connectors used with the YZF600s. I can now offer an adaptor harness to plug the YZF600 TCI into the FZR harness. You'll have to specify which YZF (Foxeye or T'Cat), which FZR, and whether you're using the TPS and fuel sender. I can either give you a little cable, or a dummy plug that will convince the TCI that the (TCI or fuel sender) is connected.

These plugs are expensive, but my vendor is looking at another importer. For right now I'm asking $75 each; I *might* be able to drop it to $50 in the medium future. Lead time right now is two weeks (bringing one of the plugs in from Japan!); I'll hopefully be able to drop it to a few days out the door after a month or two.

Re: YZF600 to FZR TCI Adaptor Harness - Price Update

Posted: Fri Feb 22, 2013 10:17 pm
by DonTZ125
Ok, my connector guy has all the parts now. Now that I know the costs involved, I can drop the price from $75 to $50 (plus shipping, of course). I don't expect to sell as many of these as, say, the VRR adaptors, especially since the preferred power-up seems to be the 660 these days (using the FZR bottom end and TCI), but anyone doing a YZF600 swap now has a wiring option for the TCI that involves a lot less work.

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