New product from TTR - Racing Harness

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New product from TTR - Racing Harness

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After talking to off-list with a fellow from the 400 mailing list, I posted the following info there. I thought it might be of interest to some folks here:

At this point, there will be 3 versions - US market 400, '89 600, '90+ 600 (49-state; Cali connector in the works), all for the same price. For $250, you will get a plug-and-play harness that connects to:

- the TCI (includes flying connections for TTR Voltage Overload Interrupter and TTR Quick Shift / Rev Limiter, both forthcoming)
- the ignition coils
- the fuel pump
- the gauge cluster (speedo reed switch ignored)
- the coolant sensor
- the oil level switch
- the neutral switch
- the clutch switch
- the right switch cluster (kill and start; brake switch ignored)
- the +12v lead on the battery (stock leads to solenoid and starter motor retained)
- the -ve lead on the battery (stock leads for 600 retained; 600 lead set 3HE-82116-00-00 added for 400)
- the stator (one lead can be easily disconnected)
- the crank position sensor
- the voltage regulator (4-pin or 6-pin; upgrade to 6-pin STRONGLY recommended)

Added item:
- Common fuse and relay assembly
-> includes power relay, fuel pump relay, and safe start relay
-> includes 10A main fuse and 2A "key switch" power relay fuse
-> includes safe start interlock components
-> includes oil lamp 'test on start' components

Deleted items:
- EXUP controller (can be retained if desired)
- signal lights
- brake lights
- head lights
- horn
- fan
- thermo (fan) switch
- sidestand switch
- rear brake switch (front brake switch wiring is retained on right switch cluster, but has no function)
- left switch cluster
- ignition switch (kill switch activates power relay)
- main fuse and fuse block
- all relays, resistors, and diodes

- Switched relay to disconnect one stator wire; $25
- Replacement Kill / Start switch cluster (allows use of 'straight pull' or 'Revolver' style throttle assemblies); $50
- OEM replacement +ve battery lead; at cost, 1WG-82115-00-00
- OEM replacement -ve battery lead (600 only); at cost, 3HE-82116-00-00
- OEM replacement Neutral switch / Oil switch lead; at cost, 1WG-82541-00-00
- OEM replacement solenoid to starter lead; at cost, 1HX-81815-00-00

The optional switch operating a relay to disconnect one of the stator wires could be on the handlebar or under the seat. This will reduce both consumed engine power and regulator load. A bike has a much smaller power load than a street machine, and the alternator isn't controlled - it puts out what it puts out, and any unused power has to be dissipated by the VRR. An endurance rider might want the ability to restore full charging capacity on the fly.

The TCI and VRR can be moved if desired; the battery and solenoid remain in the standard positions. The new fuse / relay assembly can be placed in the tail or at the gauges as desired.

Delivery for initial units will be about 4 weeks, later units (if this becomes a regular thing) will be 2-3 weeks. Shipping is extra and TBD, but should be on the order of $25 in Canada and the US.
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