Racing Harness - Group buy

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Racing Harness - Group buy

Postby DonTZ125 » Wed May 29, 2013 8:25 am

Some of you may recall the dedicated Race Harness i was muttering about a few weeks ago. After discussions with some fellows on the FZR400 mailing list, it is a go. I currently have enough interest to declare a group buy, and offer special pricing.

Each harness purchased with the group will cost $200, instead of $250. The first harness has been spoken for; that person will pay $100 up front, with the balance due once he's installed the harness and is satisfied. Anyone else in the group buy will pay $25 as a place keeper, with the balance invoiced when the first is accepted. Delivery for the first harness will be 3-4 weeks, with the remainder shipping 2-3 weeks after acceptance of the first. Shipping is extra, but should be $20-25 to the US and Canada.

The design is near-identical between the 400 and 600, with the only difference being the TCI terminals and (for the 600) the inclusion of a dedicated tach signal wire from the TCI to the gauge cluster. All ancillary boxes, relays etc are replaced by a single common unit.

If this piques any interest, please contact me at ignition (at) ttrignition (dot) com. Please specify US-400 / 600W / 600A+, and whether you are using a 4-pin or 6-pin VRR. A total-loss option (no VRR or stator wiring) is available with a $10 deduct.

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