Tyre pressures

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Tyre pressures

Post by scottfzr »

Hi all. Ive got a 1995 fzr600r and am thinking about doing my first track day with it, was just wondering what tyre pressures people use for the track and the road? Thanks in advance.
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Re: Tyre pressures

Post by Nik »

the tyre manufacturers give a range of pressure to be used for any given tyre.

The actual pressure is set by YOU at the time of the race.

That pressure is set by bike weight, your weight, ambient temperature and track surface temp.

If you (or any one else ) watched the last motoGP in Germany one team got it wrong and their rider bitched about the original pressure being set too high for the track conditions and it was why he was sliding very badly thro the race as the contact patch was diminished by the high pressure and made worse by the extra heat being added.

Going back 30 years ago I asked Y-G why one corner of his workshop was always was covered in a thin layer of sand,
his answer was to set the tyre pressure right before we deliver un-crated bike to the DMV for checking after all the last thing i need is a delivery rider to chuck a new bike down the road !

So the delivery rider on the bike rolled thro the sand and the tyre contact patch would show up and Y_G would usually drop the pressure slightly (All tyres being fitted were regularly over inflated to get the tyre bead set) and the rider would roll thro again until Y_G was a happy man.

One last thing when you set the pressure at the start note it in your race book along with temps of track and air temp. You make a note of it as soon as you pull back in the pits as well. If the ride was good then say so in the notes, if not go play with the pressure until you are comfortable with the handling.
That way you can re-set the pressure when the conditions are similar.
Nik H.
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