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Synch Tool Design

Sent:- Sat Nov 13, 2010

From: fizzer6hundred

I built this:-

and here are the details:

Material: 7 ft per cylinder total (28 ft) 5/16 in OD 3/16 in ID vinyl tube

4 off 6mm brass welding tips Wood molding with 4 channels to lay the tube in (found at Lowes)

Recommended marvel Mystery oil or some other high viscus oil 3 oz?

2 off “T” 5/16 in couplers (I used 1/4 in and that worked fine)

2off inch length of 3/16 hose to connect the remaining unions together


Cut EQUAL lengths of tube 6 or 7ft (either will be just fine)

Drill 4 hole in the top and 4 holes in the bottom of the wood molding

Paint wood white LET IT DRY THOROUGHLY

Mark lines with a T-Square as desired for reference

Pull PLASTIC lines through holes

Connect all lines at bottom of the tool ( properly called a Manometer) with T's and extra 2 inch tube

Super glue the lines to the wood (make sure paint is dry)

Add oil at the bottom end using a plews type liquid pump if you have one, otherwise gravity feed

have fun with your new tool Fizzer6Hundred

word of caution do not EVER let the bike pull oil out of the tool into the engine it will cause damage !!
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