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====== Carburetors ====== ==== How it works ==== FIXME ==== Removing ==== **Time:** //30 minutes if you're fast//\\ **Instructions:** - Remove Seats - Remove tank cover - Remove airbox - Remove gas tank - Turn gas tank to the off position. - Use a pair of pliers to disconnect the fuel line (its red) from the carbs.\\ :!:Get a cup as some gas will come out of the fuel line. :!: - Remove the fuel valve key. (remove the screw and pull it off)\\ :!:If you don't do this your tank will get stuck on its way out.:!: - Remove the two tank holders that are bolted into the frame. (you need a 10mm and 12mm socket wrench) - Carefully pull up on the tank place on the floor. - Use a 3mm allen key and loosen the intake manifold boots. (go buy a set of allen key socket wrenches as its much easier) - Remove the choke from the frame. - Remove the throttle cables from the carbs. pull the throttle to give you some leverage. You will also need a 10mm wrench. - Now stand over your bike and pull the carbs out. You need to rock them back and forth to get them out. - There will still be gas in the carbs so you need to empty it. If you go outside and turn them upside down a few times it usually gets everything out. - icontender ==== Throttle cables ==== FIXME ==== Jetting ==== FIXME\\ {{:fzr600_dynojet_factory_pro_needles.jpg?300|Click To Enlarge}} {{:fzr600_dynojet_needle_assembly.jpg?300|Click To Enlarge}} {{:fzr600_carb_main_jet_ims_identification.jpg?300|Click To Enlarge}} {{:fzr600_emulsion_tube_alignment.jpg?300|Click To Enlarge}} {{:fzr600_emulsion_tube_identification.jpg?300|Click To Enlarge}} {{:carb-1.jpg?300|Click To Enlarge}} {{:fzr600_inserting_spring_into_diaphragm_assembly.jpg?300|Click To Enlarge}} {{:fzr600_inserting_diaphragm_assembly.jpg?300|Click To Enlarge}} {{:fzr600_inserting_needle_into_emulsion_tube.jpg?300|Click To Enlarge}} {{:fzr600_inserting_the_block_jet_assembly.jpg?300|Click To Enlarge}} ==== Syncing ==== FIXME [[]] Placed here by Y_G until he gets a chance to edit this properly 2010-04-03 [[]] A picture is worth 1000 words.(Carb Sync Tool)(Feel free to edit or use pictures) [[]] An explanation of float height setting with tech terms explained ==== Idle Adjustment ==== In this photo, you can clearly see the idle adjust screw - top left. It has the flex area covered in the black plastic sheathing.\\ *Note: These are Cali carbs and have 2 tubes shown on the right that may or may not be like your bike. I removed and plugged those holes.\\ Turning the idle adjust screw clockwise will increase idle RPM's and counter clockwise will decrease rpms\\ {{:fzr600_idle.jpg?300|Click To Enlarge}} ==== VIDEOS ==== === FZR600 carburetor cleaning (by match417) === {{youtube>small:k5R5XBI-I9U}} === Drilling out EPA caps (by match417) === {{youtube>small:qu3-3-RqDy4}} === Bench sync FZR600 carbs (by match417) === {{youtube>small:rUJUNG7sMfI}} [[|{{ :comments.gif |CLICK HERE}}]]

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