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====== Yamaha FZR1000 ====== Yamaha produced the FZR1000 from 1987 thru 1994 * [[1987 FZR 1000 Genesis]]- {{:ebook_library:fzr1000_prkit_1987.pdf|[Yamaha 1987 PR Kit]}} * [[1988 FZR 1000 Genesis]] service manual complete 74Mb ! | [[]] * [[1989 FZR 1000 EXUP ]] includes '89 UK wiring diagram - {{:ebook_library:fzr1000_service_manual_89_90.pdf|[Service Manual]}} * [[1990 FZR 1000 EXUP]] - {{:ebook_library:fzr1000_service_manual_89_90.pdf|[Service Manual]}} * [[1991-92 FZR 1000 EXUP]] - includes wiring diagram ('91 UK) + with swing arm dimensions * [[1993 FZR 1000 EXUP]] * [[1994 FZR 1000 EXUP]] ===== Specifications ===== **__Basic Wiring Diagrams(US)__** - Mouse over for years.\\ {{:1987-1988_wiring_diagram.gif?180|1987-1988 FZR1000}}{{:1989-1990_wiring_diagram.gif?180|1989-1990 FZR1000}}{{:1991-1993_wiring_diagram.gif?180|1991-1993 FZR1000}}{{:1994_-_up_wiring_diagram.gif?180|1994 FZR1000}}\\ **__Basic Wiring Diagrams(UK)__**- Mouse over for years.\\ {{:1987-1988_wiring_diagram_uk.gif?180|1987-1988 FZR1000 UK Version}} {{:1991-1993_wiring_diagram_uk.gif?180|1991-1993 FZR1000 UK Version}}{{:1994_wiring_diagram_uk_version.gif?180|1994 FZR1000 UK Version}} **EXUP (EXhaust Ultimate Power valve)** A device fitted to selected Yamaha motorcycles (FZR,YZF,XV1900,R series) that constantly adjusts the internal diameter of the exhaust system to suit engine revs. This ensures good low to mid-range performance for a linear power output all the way to the rev limiter. This is achieved by using an internal valve (similar to a butterfly valve) inside the exhaust at the point where the four pipes from the cylinders meet. Closing of the valve then creates a venturi effect inside the exhaust system, causing an increase in pressure on the engine side of the exhaust system. This increase in pressure results in greater exhaust velocity. A servo motor controlled by the ECU opens and shuts the valve. The EXUP valve operation goes from being almost fully closed at idle speed, through to being fully open at 9000 to 11000 RPM (2500 RPM for XV1900). ===== Maintenance ===== Float valve height = 13.5mm - 14mm ===== Upgrades ===== **HOW-TO: [[Electrosport Gauges Digital Upgrade]]** **Tires** *FZR1000 *Bridgestone *[[|Bridgestone BT016]] **Brakes** *EBC *Brake Tech *Galfer ===== Hybrid ===== **HOW-TO: [[2002-2003 R1 Racing Tail Swap]]** ===== Gallery =====

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