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Assemble the following tools as needed:

  • 4mm Allen Wrench
  • 10mm and 17mm sockets w/ ratchet or open-ended wrenches
  • Oil Catch Pan
  • Oil Filter Wrench
  • Oil (2.6 qts required)
  • Oil Filter (see Oil Filter Cross Reference)
  • Scrap Cardboard / Aluminium Foil

First start the engine and run until normal running temp is reached. Then begin. Begin the procedure: - Remove your left fairing by using the 4mm Allen wrench. - Remove fairing bracket that is near kickstand using a 10mm socket or open-ended wrench. - Use cardboard and place between the FZR's oil pan and header. Fold in “V” shape at oil pan.
Optional:** Cover cardboard area with aluminium foil.

  1. Place oil catch pan underneath oil drain plug.
  2. Remove oil drain plug with 17mm socket or open-ended wrench. When the plug is out oil should flow onto (aluminium-foiled) cardboard and into oil catch pan.
  3. When oil has slowed draining, insert the oil drain plug into FZR's oil pan by hand.
  4. Move oil catch pan to front of bike and adjust “V” shaped (aluminium-foiled) cardboard to drain from underneath the oil filter and into the oil catch pan.
  5. Remove filter with wrench. Ensure that the oil is directing away from the headers and into the oil catch pan.
  6. Before installing new filter, use a small amount of new oil on filter seal. Install new oil filter - hand tighten.
  7. Remove “V” shaped (aluminium-foiled) cardboard and discard.
  8. You may remove the oil drain plug and allow the remaining oil to drain out.
  9. Install oil drain plug.
  10. Remove and discard cardboard.
  11. Remove oil catch pan from area. Remember to recycle.
  12. Remove oil filler cap and pour in new fluid. Yamaha recommends 2.6 quarts of oil with filter change. Keep a watchful eye on sight glass.
  13. Install fairing bracket and fairing.
  14. Turn over engine and let it run for a minute. Shut off engine, let it sit for a minute, then check oil sight glass and fill as necessary.
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