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====== Paint colour codes for Sikkens Paints ====== Whilst SIKKENS is a UK based company they are big enough to be listed in Cross references across the world (well at least from Greece {thanks Chris} to Trinidad West Indies ) You will have to check your ACTUAL bike to see which colours it should use as Yamaha used 2 whites, 2 reds, 2 blues thro the years. * Yamaha Dark Blue ======== Sikkens 5000.......... (used on FZR600's '92UK ,'91 USA) * Yamaha Metalic Red ====== Sikkens YAM9044....... (used on FZR600's '92 UK,'91 USA) * Yamaha Pearl White ====== Sikkens Yam4000....... (used on FZR600's '92 UK,'91 USA) * Yamaha Pale Blue ======== Sikkens 3000............ (used on FZR1000's) * Yamaha Apple Red ======== Sikkens Are00H9 * Yamaha Silky White ====== Sikkens Yam00GE For a plain white you can use Sikkens Kawa4000 ===== Other colours ===== If your colour official colour is not listed here please do three things:- 1] Give the official Yamaha colour name (see parts microfiche') 2] Give the SIKKENS number (from your paint supplier if he does not have it get a more professional supplier !) 3] Give your colour suppliers name {i.e.Du Pont} code as well to help your locals.

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