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==== 99-02 R6 SWING ARM SWAP ==== [[]] * In this swap I removed the OEM swing arm and installed the R6 swing arm. * In order to get the R6 swinger in there I had to remove quite a bit of metal from the frame sides as shown below. I call them the nubs because they are hardened steel bushings welded from the outside. I then trimmed them down to fit the new swinger in place. You can see from the pics that from grinding I removed some of the hollow part of the frame therefore filling it in with weld and some jb-weld and then sanding down and painting for rust prevention. * I also had to cut a little from the actual swing arm to. You can see in the pic how much was cut. 1/4 inch I believe. * Once i was able to get the swinger to slide in I had to drill out the pivot bolt hole to allow for the R6 beefed up pivot bolt to fit in place. * I then installed the zx6r front sprocket for alignment issues and installed a small bolt to keep it from backing out. That was MSZILVES idea from his YZF600 swing arm swap. Thanks Mark! * I had to fab up a new upper shock mount to fit the R6 shock. Once mounted I then had to purchase a set of triangle lowering links because the rear end sat up to high and when the kick stand was down it wanted to tip over. I have seen now they are selling the turnbuckle style which makes for an easier lowering and no tire removal. * A small bracket was made for the master cylinder and brake switch and was also spaced out for clearance and alignment issues. * Everything turned out well and I would rate this mod or swap an 8 out of 10 **1 being less difficult** and **10 being most difficult.** ====== Materials List ====== * R6 Swing Arm * Rear caliper * Master Cylinder * Rotor * Hub w/bolts * Axle w/spacers * Rim and tire **180/55/17** * Shock w/fab mount * 520 Rear Sprocket * 520 Zx6r Front Sprocket **I went 14 front 47 rear** * 520 Chain w/120 link * Chain Adjusters * **Swingarm w/shock** {{:01.jpg|}} * **Entire Assembly** {{:02.jpg|}} * **Old Assembly** {{:03.jpg|}} * **FZR Swinger Removal** {{:04.jpg|}} * **FZR Front Sprocket** {{:05.jpg|}} * **Old vs. New Front Sprocket (zx6r front)** {{:06.jpg|}} * **Me grinding away** {{:07.jpg|}} * **Cut off heal guard bracket** {{:08.jpg|}} * **Zx6r Front Sprocket Installed** {{:09.jpg|}} * **Pivot bolt hole** {{:10.jpg|}} * **Frame bushings right side (hardened steel)** {{:11.jpg|}} * **Frame bushings left side(hardened steel)** {{:12.jpg|}} * **Rear view** {{:13.jpg|}} * **Pivot bolt bushing** {{:14.jpg|}} * **Difference I had to cut** {{:15.jpg|}} * **Checking for clearance** {{:16.jpg|}} * **YAY it fits** {{:17.jpg|}} * **Closer view** {{:18.jpg|}} * **Want to thank my best friend Derek for bringing the bottle of Morgan** * **And helping with the build!!** {{:19.jpg|}} * **Spaced out the master cylinder and brake switch to align with bracket** {{:20.jpg|}} * **Fabbed up upper shock mount** {{:21.jpg|}} * ** {{:22.jpg|}} {{:23.jpg|}} * **ALL TOGETHER** {{:24.jpg|}} * **Rear View** {{:25.jpg|}} * **Chain alignment** {{:26.jpg|}} * **Chain alignment** {{:27.jpg|}} * **Left side view** {{:28.jpg|}} * **Right side view** {{:29.jpg|}}

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