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R6 Rear Shock Swap

What you'll need:

  • 06-08 R6 shock (earlier years WON'T work without alot more work)
  • Spacers
  • Dog bones
  • I also recommend a heavier spring for the fzr600, around a 650-750lbs, the stock r6(~500lbs) is perfect for the fzr400.

The Shock:
These can be picked up of eBay for next to nothing ~$25.00USD.

:!:You will need to round the lower shock mount so that it clears the suspension knuckle.:!:

All of the R6 shocks that can be used for this conversion look like this
2006-2008 Yamaha R6 Rear Shock

This image dipicts were you'll have to grind the shock slightly so it clears the knuckle.
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The spacers:
You need two of these spacers as the FZR shock is 10mm wider than the R6 and uses a 12mm bolt as opposed to a 10mm bolts.[ 10mm dia hole drilled through]FIXME. The green section needs to be 5mm wide, diameter doesn't really matter and can be anywhere from 14mm to 20mm. The red section should be just under 12mm dia and ~7mm long. For the FZR400 ignore the stepped down section on the left(red) as the FZR400 uses a 10mm bolt which is the same size as the R6, so you only need the green section.

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This is where they go
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Dog bones:
~10mm short than the FZR dog bones, this raises the bike back near stock. 6mm thick.

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Stock on the left next to two new ones
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For the fzr400(3en1) I had to grind a tiny amount of the top frame mount although I didn't have an issue with the 600.


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