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====== Shim Swap Program ====== So I recently found out how difficult it was to find shims at the local dealership, not to mention they were $5 / piece. I would like to start a shim trade program. Basically It would work like this. I already have 20 extra shims, I will purchase a bunch and hopefully acquire some through the board as well. - I will try and keep the most popular shims in stock - reorder when I get low - trade with members on the board - sell at a low price or trade with you - will send out via USPS 1st class mail (.50 to 1.00 to send I assume) - donated shims will be given back to the community for postage price only - Shims will cost $1.50 each (this is the total price I have to pay for them). Rates may go lower if I get a good deal on a big purchase. - new shims only come in increments of 5 - stock shims come in every size. I am not looking to make any money, but rather provide a service for us FZR owners. So if need shims please email me with your request. Make sure you double check your clearances so you don't have to reorder. I will keep sizes 1.20 to 2.10 in stock but really the bulk would be 155-185 from the three engines I have opened up so far. When I get around to it I'll make a ordering form and post on the web for it to be automatic. [[|Shimulator - helps calculate your shims]] ---- - icontender <>

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