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Home made 2 Bottle type carb sync tool

Postby Shredex »

Sat Feb 28, 2009

If you are thinking about building a carb sync tool, then I would recommend using the 2-bottle method. I just used it and it works wonders! SUPER fine tuning…My bike revs so smooth now. it sounds so beautiful.Iv tried the stick and tubing method, all telecharger poker I can say is, it sucks and you can risk sucking liquid into your motor.

Material List

2 off GLASS bottles (I used two 9.5oz Starbucks Frappuccino bottles) NOT plastic bottles

12Ft of 3/8”-1/4” clear pvc tubing (the outside is 3/8”, and the inside is 1/4”)

1 off 3/8” sharp metal drill bit

2 off rubber stoppers OR rubber chair leg plugs/bumpers (I used 1.5” chair leg plugs)

4 off 6mm mig welder tips (there is ten in a pack)


2 off “Y” connectors that fit the 1/4” tubing.

2 off 1/4” rubber caps

# Zip-ties as required


Thanks to CAD600 for his photo's of how he did it

This one below is Sweekster finish tool

Thanks to both Sweekster for his Photo & write up & CAD600 for his detailed photo set Edited by Y_G

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