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====== Troubleshooting Stories====== ===== Engine Won't Start ===== I went to start my FZR a while ago to go for a ride, it made about a half a crank and made a huge BAAANG!!! the starter would not budge the engine. I stripped the entire bike down thinking I was going to have to replace a camshaft or a timing chain.... I was wrong. As I looked down the intake boots just for inspection, I found #1 cylinder had about a 1/4" of fuel sitting in the intake port, it was at this point I felt like a dumbass. I pulled #1 sparkplug and used my dental mirror and a flashlight to look through the spark plug hole and found that the problem was that #1 cylinder was hydro-locked with fuel. FACK! I turned the ignition on, stood back and bumped the starter with the plug still removed and a geyser of fuel shot out of #1 cylinder. Now I have to look into the #1 carb and figure out why the float needle is not working. And change my oil now that it's full of gasoline.\\ ~ MODKING

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