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====== Vendor Village ====== Below is a list of vendors that sell various parts. If you would like to add your favorite vendor please notify one of the editors or edit the table yourself. ^Vendor^^Website^^Ships From^^Price^^Oem Parts^^Sells what?^^Shipping Speed^^Recommend^ ^ WEMOTO ^| || || pretty good || || aftermarket replacement parts ||better than average || Yes | ^Bike Bandit^|||San Diego,CA||Average||Yes||OEM and Aftermarket||Average||NOT TO BE USED !!! HAVE RIPPED OF MEMBERS | ^Savage City Bike parts^|[[]]|| USA || Real Good|| YES || After Market ||Great || HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by China-Racer who they FEDEX rushed bits to NO EXTRA charge | ^Cyclepartswarehouse^|||Texas, USA||Really Good||Yes||Mostly OEM||Fast||Yes| ^Dennis Kirk^|||Minnesota||Better than Average||No||Aftermarket||UPS||Yes| ^Derby Cycles^|||Kentucky||Better than Average||Yes||OEM|| || | ^^|||Fla|Very Good|||Yes||OEM||Average ||Yes| ^Flat Out^|||Indiana||Really Good||Yes||OEM||Slower||Yes| ^Knee Draggers^|||Delaware||Average||No||Aftermarket||Slow||Yes| ^Moto Madness^|||Rock Falls, IL||Better Than Average||No||Aftermarket||Fast||Yes| ^Plastex^|||Canada||Reasonable||No||Plastic Repair Kit||Fast||Yes| ^Pro Cycle^|||OR||Good||No||Aftermarket, Carbs, shims||USPS - Fast||?| ^SumofAllParts^|||Texas||Better than Average||No||Aftermarket||Fast||Yes| ^Tool Source^|||Ellicottville, NY||Really good||no||Motion pro, other motorcycle tools||Fast||Yes| ^Fastriders^|||Germany||Very Good||no||Aftermarket||Fast||Yes| ^CMSNL^|||Nederlands||Really Good||Yes||OEM||Fast||Yes ^ ^ BatteryGiant_sealed_batteries^|[[]]||USA||good||no||aftermarket||fast||YES| ^ Kojaycat || [[]] || Scotland || Excellent pricing || OEM Bullet connectors etc. || Loom repair bits || within 24 Hours dispatch || HIGHLY recommended by Y_G |

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